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Bestune Pony electric bug car

Bestune Pony electric bug car

The original electric car bug Bestune Pony is presented by the company FAW Bestune, known in the automotive market as a manufacturer of practical, small and affordable cars. The Pony model is so compact that it will fit perfectly into the traffic flow of large metropolitan areas and will give a head start to bulky electric cars in terms of maneuverability. It is expected that the unusual electric car will gradually conquer Russian roads and displace the familiar Lada Granta with an internal combustion engine from the pedestal.

Unusual exterior data from the Bestune Pony

At first glance, the micro hatchback looks like a child’s car, so compact it is with small wheels and a “naive” look of the front LED headlights. Almost square, but with good streamlining, excellent visibility due to the large windshield, high side windows and rear, built into the luggage door. Both the front and rear have a compartment for connecting to charging.
The design is generally in line with city car style vehicles with an emphasis on practicality and maneuverability.
Technical parameters of the Bestune Pony:

Length – 3000 mm.
Width – 1510 mm.
Height – 1630 mm.
Wheelbase – 1953 mm.

The clearance of the Pony is not small, 130 mm, the car is equipped with drum brakes, according to the manufacturer’s statement reliable and durable. Wheels are small on 145/70R12, so in terms of off-road passability such a mini electric car, of course, will yield to more passable off-roaders. But it is not required, Bestune Pony was created as an inexpensive “toy” for women, to go shopping or to take children to kindergarten/school.
The electric car is equipped with an electric motor with a power of 27 hp (85 N\m), it is not much, but it is able to accelerate the electric car to a hundred in 15.5 seconds. At the same time, by factory settings, the speed limit is limited to 100 km/h, which is quite justified, because of its compactness and lightness at higher speeds and small wheels electric car loses good traction with the road.
The weight of the Bestune Pony is 685/715 kg depending on the type of battery. With different configuration and equipped with a choice of 9.4 or 13.9 kWh batteries, the electric car will be able to cover up to 122 and 150 km on a single charging cycle, respectively. But here the volume of the luggage compartment is striking, with the rear seats folded down it transforms from 81 to 734 liters.

Interior design of the little Pony
In terms of interior design, the electric car resembles the good old Soviet-made OKU with its two doors and 4 seats. Or more modern Dawoo Matiz. The only difference is a short hood, because the Bestune Pony does not need to put under it all the “stuffing” necessary for cars with internal combustion engines.
The interior is ascetic to the maximum. Everything is made to combine small size and high functionality. To control the basic functions on the panel there is a set of buttons, mainly mechanical, it is they, additionally, create a feeling of toyishness, a la Tetris or children’s car. But such simple engineering solutions are characterized by increased reliability and are more usual for the majority of motorists. From innovations, we can note a small screen, located behind the steering wheel and reflecting all the necessary basic parameters for the driver.

The serial Bestune Pony includes:

  • Driver’s side airbag.
    Air conditioning.
    ABS, EBD and LED optics.
    Power windows and USB-C port.
    Tire pressure monitoring system.
    Hill-start assist.
    Energy recovery during braking.
    Parking sensors.

The top-of-the-line Bestune Pony comes with a larger battery and a 7” virtual dashboard that can display the rearview camera.
Bestune Pony is available in three versions and six colors, with more than 100 available decorative elements for personalization. These are available separately.
Microhatchback was announced in the home region at the end of April 2024, but when to appear on world markets, including in Russia is not known. In fact, FAW offers an affordable alternative to the popular Hongguang MINI from Wuling Motor. The Bestune Pony is a great option to say “no” to traffic jams. Buy Now!



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