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SKYWELL ET5 analogue of a well-known automotive brand

SKYWELL ET5 analogue of a well-known automotive brand

SKYWELL ET5 is not an analogue of a famous car brand, but an electric crossover developed from scratch. At the same time, the company itself, which dared to conquer the world of automobile industry, until a certain point was one of the famous brands-manufacturers of electronics for the home. Skyworth’s Skywell Auto division has been producing electric buses in the Celestial Empire since 2010, which is why the announcement of the electric car was not met with surprise or excessive excitement.


He who dares once will conquer the world

Multi-disciplinary companies that can produce household goods and aeroplanes are familiar around the world, in Japan they are known as zaibatsu and in Korea as chaebol. Skyworth was one of them and was amazed at the speed with which it was able to repurpose itself to produce electric vehicles. Initial exploration began in 2015, and the first-born, the Skywell ET5 crossover (Skyworth EV6 in its home market) hit the line as early as autumn 2020.

Following this, the company began to conquer car markets around the world and today SKYWELL ET5 can be found in 42 countries, but under different names. In Germany the electric car is known as Elaris Beo, in the USA – as Imperium SEV. The company’s goals are truly grandiose and go beyond the bold expectations of even well-known car brands that have been at the top of automotive Olympus for decades. By 2030, Skyworth intends to sell at least one million electric cars per year worldwide.

Classical forms of the new age

The design of SKYWELL ET5 was developed by a famous car designer, who invented the appearance of Mercedes-Benz and Porsche. He refused from deliberate epatage, pretentious details and kitsch, the appearance of electric car ET5 turned out to be calm, but solid, reliable and trustworthy. Thanks to this, the crossover has gained popularity among buyers of different target audience.

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The car is available in 4 exterior colours – rich blue, white, grey and black. It has a classic look and meets modern trends. In the front part of the bonnet there is an original 3D insert, imitating the radiator grille, but without any holes. Dynamics and speed are emphasised by the LED line on the 5 door, spoiler, bumper overlay with imitation diffuser. In the stream of cars SKYWELL ET5 becomes noticeable and bright, thanks to the backlit logo.

The crossover has a two-volume body, headlights of headlight look usual, in the form of a slightly elongated rectangle. Though the sources of high beam are represented not by simple lamps and even not by usual LEDs, but by lasers, dispersing darkness ahead for 600 metres. In dense traffic, in the night, ET5 helps to move and avoid collision perfectly executed rear lighting, in the form of bright red horizontal stripe running along the entire rear part of the crossover.

Technical data of the new SKYWELL ET5

The electromobile has the following parameters:

  • The power plant capacity is 204 hp.
  • Acceleration to one hundred – 7.9 seconds.
  • Battery capacity – 72 kWh.
  • Mileage on one cycle of charging – up to 400 km (WLTP).
  • Maximum speed – up to 150 km/h.
  • Battery warranty – up to 200,000 kilometres or 8 years of battery life.
  • Intelligent Technology – BYD**

SKYWELL ET5 is an example of a classic urban SUV that can be both a family car and a business vehicle. However, its technical capabilities also extend to off-roading, albeit within reasonable limits and in many ways inferior to vehicles designed strictly for overcoming various obstacles.

Dimensions and volumes of the 5 seater crossover:

  • Length – 4698 mm.
  • Width – 1908 mm.
  • Height – 1696 mm.
  • Wheelbase – 2800 mm.
  • Track size (front/rear) – 1625/1625 mm.
  • Boot volume – 467-1141 litres
  • Curb weight – 1920 kg.
  • Gross weight – 2295 kg.

SKYWELL ET5 is a front-wheel drive vehicle, which has an independent front spring suspension McPherson, and the rear suspension is independent, spring, multi-lever. The front brakes are ventilated disc brakes, the rear brakes are disc brakes and the electric car has 235/50 R19 tyres.

ET5 electrical stuffing:

  • Traction electric motor of synchronous type with permanent magnets, located at the front, transversely. Maximum CM (torque) 320 Nm, max motor speed 15000, max power 204 hp and 150 kW.
  • The traction battery is lithium-nickel-manganese-cobalt-oxide, liquid-cooled, located under the cabin floor. It has a capacity of 72 kWh, weighs 442kg and has a voltage of 375V.

Fast DC recharging (CCS Combo 2) from 30 to 80 per cent in 30 minutes, AC charging time (Type 2) from 5 to 100 per cent in 11 hours.

Vehicle exterior SKYWELL ET5

The interior is solid and meets the requirements for cars in the near-premium segment. Finished with quality materials, pleasant to the touch with the addition of contrast stitching. The steering wheel is wrapped in leather, can be adjusted in 4 directions. The seats are heated and ventilated, the driver’s seat is equipped with an ottoman, with a backrest reclining to a horizontal position. On long journeys, you can stop briefly, switch on the relaxing “Healthy Sleep” rest mode and listen to relaxing sounds.

skywell et5 test 4 1000

The electric car is equipped with a panoramic roof (glazing area 0,83m2), keyless access function, there is an electric boot drive, allowing to open it without direct contact.

Also present:

  • Digital instrument panel at 12.3 inches.
  • Multimedia screen in the middle at 12.8 inches.
  • Atmospheric interior lighting – 128 colours.
  • The power outlet is 220V, with 2.2kW of power.

There is an air conditioner with a filtering element, giving clean air at the micron level. With its help it is easy and pleasant to move in a dense gassed flow of the megapolis.

Safety for driver and passengers is ensured by a particularly strong rigid body with a torsion of 27,000 Nm/degree. The saloon is equipped with 6 airbags and seat belts with pretensioners and force limitation.

The crossover feels great in dragging city traffic jams, thanks to active cruise control. The adaptive system brakes and moves when needed, and it’s easy, pleasant to operate. The only condition, for absence of usual inscriptions Set and Resume on controls, to start the system (and for resumption of its work after pressing the brake pedal) it is necessary to twist down the left drum on the left spoke of a steering wheel.


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