New Zeekr CX 1E

New Zeekr CX 1E

The new Zeekr CX 1E is a debut model with a wide premiere scheduled for late 2024. It is assumed that CX 1E temporary code name, and the final trade name will be known closer to the “hour X”. It was previously known that the latest model will be presented to the public under the name Zeekr Ark. The Zeekr CX 1E is a mid-size SUV, a staple in the current Zeekr line-up, its exterior and interior qualities are closely related to the famous Zeekr 007. What unites them are similar platforms, design and technology.

zeekr cx1e front right

Secret spy shots of the CX1E exterior

Already by analysing the external data of the new SUV model it is obvious that in its depths there is an inexpressible energy equal to the Zeekr Seven. Although the simple shape, laconic lines, lack of provocative tuning, but the combination of science and technology proves that the new Zeekr CX 1E is rightfully in its place and will be in demand among the visitors of motor shows.

It is believed that the CX1E will successfully compete with the likes of the Tesla Model Y, Denza N7 and Ford Mustang Mach E.

The design of the light cluster is also 007-inspired, and there is also a 90-inch light bar with its own “iskin” (artificial intelligence). With its help, the Zeekr CX 1E can become a full-fledged road user, and the 2400 LED lights can transmit specific signals to other cars. The rear lights have the appearance of elongated rectangles, and the rear light bar divides the electric car strictly horizontally.

ZEEKR SUV CX1e top view

Visually, the overall configuration of the electric vehicle has a standard urban SUV appearance with a voluminous windscreen, good visibility of the side doors and the rear, 5 (luggage) door. There is a spoiler on the rear of the roof, closer to the tailgate, the original “tailgate”.

Specifications and interior of the SUV

The interior of the Zeekr CX 1E is made in a typical type of Chinese electric cars. The steering wheel looks like an analogue of Zeekr 001, in the centre there is a large tablet-multimedia, and behind the steering wheel there is a small screen of the virtual dashboard. Mechanical controls are practically absent, the designers’ emphasis was on the maximum of touch buttons.
The new SUV stands on the modern Geely SEA (Sustainable Electric Architecture) platform with 800-volt electric architecture. In this model, you can choose between Geely’s in-house developed Golden battery or CATL’s Qilin battery. The range will exceed 700 kilometres. The Zeekr CX 1E is expected to be the sixth model in the Zeekr range and will be available in two versions, a single-engine rear-wheel drive and a twin-engine all-wheel drive version. The front-wheel drive versions of the similar 007 have an engine output of 310 kW, while the all-wheel drive versions have an output of 165 kW.


In the cabin, a 15-inch infotainment module and a 2.5-inch OLED display with three-way rotation are there to assist the driver. It features a curved LCD dashboard and a 35.5-inch backlit display. It is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 chip with a 30W NPU processing power.

The Zeekr CX 1E is expected to officially premiere near the end of 2024. That’s when all the details of the updated electric SUV will be revealed. Currently, the Zeekr lineup consists of the Zeekr 001 electric liftback, Zeekr X compact parklet, 007 sedan and 009 minivan. The new MIX van and the Zeekr ARK mid-size SUV are also expected soon.



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