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Tesla’s smallest car is the Model 3 Performance

Tesla’s smallest car is the Model 3 Performance

Tesla’s smallest car, the Model 3 Performance, has received its best update yet for 2024, touching on much of its exterior bodywork, interior and performance. Now, the fast, lightweight and agile Highland variant quickly conquers highways around the world, showcasing a sportier interior trim level similar to the Model 3 electric sedan before the update. In addition, the new Performance inherits the technical and styling enhancements found on all Model 3s.

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In the foreground is the “hot” Performance modification

According to the company representatives, the latest Tesla Performance is the most powerful model ever created from the Model 3 lineup. Now it has 510 hp under the hood (the 2023 model had only 455 hp), and acceleration to the first “hundred” reaches an incredible 2.9 seconds. The maximum speed the electric car can reach on the highway is 262 km/h.

The updated version of the electric sedan has a dual-motor installation, the power of which is transmitted to 4 wheels at once, is equipped by default with new adaptive shock absorbers and more weighty brakes. After the update, continuous power increased by 22%, peak power – by 32%, CM (torque) by 16%, but energy consumption decreased by 2%.

The Tesla Model 3 Performance is also available with a special Track mode. The model is equipped with a Long Range battery, one charge cycle of which will be enough (according to the company-developer’s estimates) to travel up to 734 km or 476 km on the American EPA cycle.

The Performance version has a curb weight of 1,839 kg, 11 kg heavier than the Long Range AWD version, and an almost completely redesigned front end. The Model 3 Performance is expected to be better at getting into and through corners without complications, but less maneuverable on unstable road surfaces, as the new model is 0.4 inches (10.16 mm) lower than the standard 2024 Model 3, but features the latest adaptive suspension.

The Track’s riding style, which influences the suspension, transmission and chassis setups, allows the driver to customize the balance of handling, stability and regenerative braking. The springs, bushings and transverse stability stabilizers have also been upgraded to improve performance. The Pirelli P Zero tires have excellent grip, tolerate hard acceleration and the new 20-inch aluminum rims, are very light. Larger brake discs, calipers and brake pads provide good stopping power, stabilization at all speeds.

The updated Tesla is equipped with a new generation of electronically adaptive shock absorbers, which adjust to the road surface depending on its quality characteristics. They become stiffer when taking tight turns or soften if the electric car overcomes a large run of quality highway, so that passengers were as comfortable as possible.

The Performance chassis has reduced rolling resistance due to the acquired stiffness, which adds to the electric car’s maneuverability on twisty roads. The new adaptive damping system is controlled by proprietary software, indicating that it can be improved or changed with over-the-air updates. And it potentially stabilizes the handling of the updated Model 3 Performance on the road.

20 Tesla Model 3 Performance review

Exceptional visuals and comfort

The first thing that strikes you about the new Tesla Model 3 Performance is the completely redesigned front end and the mounted vertical air intakes at the corners of the front bumper. The purpose of the rear diffuser and carbon fiber spoiler is to reduce drag as much as possible and improve the balance of lift at high speeds.

Performance also features a redesigned interior, including lighting, a screen for rear-row passengers and a sound absorption system to keep the ride quiet. Comfortable ventilated, heated bucket sport seats are installed. The cabin itself is finished in carbon fiber, including the dashboard (instead of wood).

Brilliant, sporty, fast-paced electric car – finally reached the ultimate pinnacle in the Performance version. Nothing extra, just speed, space, versatility and comfort, that’s what sets the new Tesla Model 3 Performance apart from other fast electric cars.

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