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Lixiang l6 full review of the new sequential hybrid

Lixiang l6 full review of the new sequential hybrid

Lixiang l6 is a series hybrid, which is powered by two electric motors with a combined output of 408hp and 529N\m KM. It is full of luxurious details, unique interior design, and every detail is carefully thought out to ensure a cozy and attentive driving experience.

The most affordable and compact crossover

The whole Lixiang lineup is in the same style, and the newest L6 is no exception. At first, unsophisticated, look, Lixiang l6 does not differ from the “old” seventh model, although there are differences.


Dimensions of the new L6:

Length – 4925 mm.
Width – 1960 mm.
Height – 1735 mm.
Wheelbase – 2920 mm.
Ground clearance – 180 mm.
It is impossible to pick on the exterior of Lixiang l6, the electric car is kept in a simple, strict style, adopted in European countries. No flashy, ambiguous details, chic, kitsch, everything is simple, concise and maximum comfortable.

The interior is similarly designed – the designers worked in the spirit of Scandinavian minimalism.

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Impeccable light and interior subtleties

The 2024 Lixiang l6 stands out as the longest halo light, at 2.2 meters long. The impeccably bright, clear strip extends horizontally across the hood from edge to edge and shines in the night like the longest and brightest halo. A similar stripe is located at the rear, it divides the electric crossover strictly in half lengthwise, taking up most of the luggage door.

Comfort of the highest level – this is how the purpose of the interior in the 2024 Lixiang l6 can be characterized, spacious front row with the possibility of combining with the second row seats. The rear row with a height of 968 mm allows even a tall person to sit comfortably, legroom in the second row is 1135 mm, and excellent leg support during a long trip is provided by seat cushions with a length of 534 mm.

The luggage compartment is 1057 mm deep in the base. The second row folds down at the touch of a button with the ability to rearrange and increase the volume of the luggage compartment to make room for tables, sofas, chairs, anything that needs to be moved during transportation.

For long journeys, the Lixiang l6 offers overnight accommodation for the whole family. Simply fold down the first and second rows, combine them with the trunk and put in a large mattress. Also with the folded second row you can arrange an excellent playground for children.

In the base all seats are equipped with heating, electric adjustment, massage functions and ventilation. With the help of electric adjustment you can adjust the configuration of seats in such a position to provide the passenger with maximum support for the back, lumbar.

Lixiang l6 is a real comfortable home on wheels. It is equipped with double-layer soundproof glass, a refrigerator with a thermos function for 8.8 liters, a large central compartment for storing necessary things. The roof has a large panoramic sunroof for stargazing at night or contemplating the sky when traveling during the day.

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Technical equipment

The entire front fascia is taken up by four control and interaction screens, they provide a seamless driving and all-round experience. A 15.7-inch center screen is standard, with a similar screen for the front passenger, a full-color high-definition projection display and a safety driving screen. Each of the screens is equipped with a control and entertainment function.

AD Pro and AD Max are built with the ability to analyze and perceive calculations. The AD Pro in the base comes with autonomous highway driving, automatic parking and LCC. The AD Max has more advanced autonomous driving capabilities including City NOA and automatic parking.

The Li L6 PRO variant is equipped with a Horizon Journey® 5 chip, has 128 TOPS of processing power plus 10 driving cameras of good clarity, visibility and driving control capabilities.

Li L6 MAX is equipped with two NVIDIA DRIVE Orin-X chips with a total processing power of 508 TOPS. There are 11 cameras, 128-line LiDAR, which work great in both light and dark.

The automatic parking function is faster, more accurate and easy to handle in all conditions, processing up to 300 types of scenario options simultaneously, from parking space position, to narrow alleys and cul-de-sacs.

The 2024 Lixiang l6 features an extended range of up to 212 kilometers, a low aerodynamic drag coefficient of 0.269, and advanced heat pump technology. There is a 2024 C-NCAP 2024 C-NCAP standard reinforced body, protection level G, with offset side impact protection, and every corner of the car is covered with airbags.


Lixiang l6 2024 is a new electric 5 seater SUV designed for family, business, traveling. It is understated design, sophistication, ergonomics, comfort, the electric vehicle combines everything you need for free movement both in urban conditions and off-road.



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