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Changan Deepal Shenlan G318 2024

Changan Deepal Shenlan G318 2024

Changan’s young Deepal (aka Shenlan or Deep Blue) brand was created back in 2022 to produce near-premium NEV (New Energy Vehicle) models. It combines electric cars, plug-in hybrids and hydrogen cars. Deepal’s best-known firsts are the SL03 mid-size liftback and the S7 crossover with hybrid or electric setups. The Changan Deepal G318 is a new all-wheel drive plug-in hybrid inline hybrid, crossover that will debut in 2024.

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Specifications of the new Changan Deepal Shenlan G318 2024

This is the third product from Deepal brand, and the name G318 is a household name in any part of China, as it repeats the name of the longest route of 5 thousand kilometres connecting Shanghai and Tibet Autonomous Region.

Brutal crossover itself will definitely appeal to fans of long extreme holidays, it has a spacious body, adapted to driving with a trailer. But at first glance it looks like an unremarkable off-roader, even borrowed a spare on the 5 door.

The manufacturer has also equipped the Changan Deepal G318 with original light projectors placed on the roof, a luggage rack and a towbar (pulling 1,600kg). In general, it is a full hybrid, where the internal combustion engine works as a “range extender”, and the drive to the wheels is provided by electric motors – on the two rear wheels (185 kW / 251 hp) or on all 4 – where an electric motor of 131 kW (178 hp) is added to the front drive. The generator is 1.5 litre, turbocharged, 110 kW output.

2024 New Changan Auto Shenlan Deepal G318 Middle Large Size SUV Senlan G318 Car 1 5t Gas Car Hybrid New Energy Vehicle

The total power of the car, depending on the modification, reaches 424 hp, and torque – 572 Nm, the maximum capacity of the battery is 35.07 kWh (lithium-iron-phosphate batteries of the new generation Golden Bell Battery 2.0.). Acceleration to the first “hundred” in all-wheel drive TOP-version is only 6.3 seconds, the hybrid is able to travel 1000 km without refuelling.

It is believed that Changan Deepal G318 will be a serious competitor for the Tank 400 and Leopard 5 models of BYD, even visually these cars are similar.

Dimensions of the new crossover:

  • Length – 4915 mm.
  • Width – 1985 mm.
  • Height – 1885 mm.
  • Wheelbase – 2880 mm.
  • Curb weight is from 2505 to 2800 kg (depends on the modification).

The G318 has high-profile tyres 255/65 R18, and black plastic dodger and side-swinging luggage door give it full resemblance to an off-roader. The absence of a wide grille in the traditional place softens brutality of the crossover.

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Equipment and unusual solutions for G318

It is known that the SUV will be presented in two versions – with rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. The angle of approach is 27 C, the angle of departure – 30 C. In all configurations electromagnetic suspension is provided, but in the maximum configuration is additionally provided and air suspension.

An unusual solution from Changan company will please those who like to film all the nuances of travelling, make a video review or keep a minute-by-minute blog in real time. Now there’s no need to hire a separate person to film or be torn between great views from every angle. The Changan Deepal G318 crossover can be attached to the Changan Deepal G318 crossover with action cameras on the outside, on the rear view mirrors, in front on the bonnet or below on the front bumper.

Exterior data and interior of the crossover

First published photos Changan Deepal G318 somewhat discouraged those who expected to see a powerful crossover, in the picture it really looks like a toy. However, in person it is a large, massive SUV, but not bulky, although it is bigger, wider and taller than its direct competitor. It is noteworthy that Russian specialists participated in the design of G318.

Handles on a massive door are convenient, pulling out, with a small backlash, from the inside the button of opening is physical, the electronic variant is not provided. In the “base” of the crossover there is a strong footrest, low, so it is convenient for a person of any height to get into the car.


The doors inside are upholstered in pleasant-touch leatherette, while the seats are upholstered in popular Nappa leather with wide inserts of stitched Alcantara on the seat and backrest. In front (behind the steering wheel) the screen of the dashboard (10.25 inches) and a little to the right, a good overview multimedia screen (14.6 inches). Also included are buttons under the screen, a centre tunnel, and a roomy glove box on the passenger seat side.

On the roof opening sunroof and sunshade, large “visors”, covering from the sun beating into the windscreen, lighting elements, mechanical deflectors, places for wireless charging and cup holders. On the console there are buttons for switching modes, locking, parking, and under a convenient armrest there is a capacious “refrigerator”. The small steering wheel is adjustable in reach and height, on the sides there are a lot of adjustment buttons from large to mini.

The G318 has a port for fast and slow (single-phase) charging, and the crossover can drive on petrol from 92 and above. Camping roof lights provided ‘in base’, plus traditional LED ones, no Matrix ones.

Changan Deepal G318 is very roomy inside. On the front seats, if they are pushed back as much as possible, a person of 190 cm height can be comfortably accommodated, and similar comfort is also available for tall passengers of the rear row.

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The rear door opens sideways and closes with a door closer. The boot itself is voluminous (can be increased from 818 litres to 1747 litres), it has a socket (220 V, 3.3 kW with Chinese connectors),  It has a socket (220 V, 3.3 kW with Chinese connectors), from the basic equipment towing hook, jack, under the “floor” there are many niches for placing automotive equipment.

The new Changan Deepal G318 is already available for order in China. And its premium version under the working name Worry-Free Crossing Edition is expected only by the new year 2025.






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