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BYD leopard 5 from the future

BYD leopard 5 from the future

Fang Cheng Bao’s Leopard 5 frame SUV is a BYD sub-brand with three engines in a hybrid version, where the engine is connected to the wheels and comes to the rescue in particularly extreme situations.

🐆 Leopard – the name itself speaks of power and conquest of wild nature, its entry and exit angles in the standard version are 32 and 35 degrees, in the maximum 39.

🔥 Nappa leather interior, 12 position electric adjustment, lumbar support, memory, welcome, massage, ventilation and heating. 2.5K resolution display.

Revolutionary new energy off-road architecture with Yunnian-P hydraulic suspension system

You can order such a monster from us. To calculate the turnkey cost, write us in direct.

🌏 Worldwide delivery.


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